This model extends the range to support sailors who want the ability to sail into shallow or tidal areas and even beach the yacht on the sand between tides. Also, with its easy-to-operate folding mast, it is ideally suited to sailing in rivers and lakes, where boats are otherwise restricted by low bridges.

This model can even be configured for towing so that the yacht can easily be transported from one cruising area to another by road. Additionally, these lift keel cruisers can be stored on a trailer, and launched / recovered after each trip, thereby significantly reducing berthing costs and also antifouling costs.

These yachts benefit from the same hull as the rest of the range and are tiller steered. The lift keel is a fully profiled keel, ensuring that no hydrodynamic efficiency is lost over the fixed keel model. They are available with an inboard 14hp diesel or an outboard engine.

As with the fixed keel cruiser, all of the sail controls and lines are led aft into the cockpit, making the yacht very easy to sail. The cabins are spacious and luxurious and, as with the other models in the range, you can custimise the yacht to your taste including a choice of hull colour and wood type.